Never buy a full size bed. If you live in a tiny studio in New York like me, I know you need all the room you can get. But here's my dilemma...I cannot find any beautiful sheets made for full size beds! My bedding is a very simple, plain white quilt, and then my plan was to find really cool vintage or exotic prints to mix and match underneath the quilt. So it's kind of unexpected after under this stark white bed. If anyone out there has any ideas...shoot them my way! Until then...here's the look I hope to go for...

My two of my favorite designers for bedding and furniture...John Robshaw and Les Indiennes


Man Shops Globe

So I know I'm probably the last person to jump on this bandwagon....but I watched my DVR episodes of Man Shops Globe last night and am beyond obsessed with this show. For those that have not heard of it, the Sundance Channel (my favorite), produces this show that follows the buyer-at-large of Anthropologie around the world on his buying trips. I mean, can you think of a better job?!?! His travels on the show thus far include Paris, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, Holland, India and the UK. If you haven't seen it- check it out here!


Hi everyone! Posting this afternoon from the Met. I usually steal the free wifi in my apartment building (I know, I know..), but I thought it would be fun to come to the Met and see the Vermeer exhibit and use their fee wifi! Besides, I love the atmosphere here so it's a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Just a few more days until my favorite holiday of the year! Thanksgiving! I'm headed home on Wednesday and it couldn't come sooner! Hope everyone is having a nice lazy Sunday afternoon!



Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! FINALLY! I hope everyone has a happy, cozy fall weekend (one more until my favorite holiday...Thanksgiving!) I really want a little dog just like this...does anyone know what kind it is?


Another long day and all I can think about is going home and eating this...

or this...

or this

or this

or this

or this

and topping it off with this...

and this too!

I promise I'm not this gluttonous. I'm just really cold and hungry! Did you notice there are no greens in the above pics? You can tell it's fall when all you want to eat is hearty, hearty foods. I was introduced to this amazing website, Tastespotting, recently and it is NOT the place to go when you're hungry. The website collects different recipes from all over the web and is the best place for cuisine pics (obviously!). Ok, enough of this, I'm off to my little apartment to find something to satisfy this tummy!


Where Oh Where Shall I Keep My Trinkets...

I've never been a huge fan of shelving that isn't built in...until I saw this. Maybe it's because I am young and my interior design obsession started just a couple of years ago, but I feel like really interesting, beautiful shelving can be hard to find and take home. However, the color, the shape, everything about this is chic. And all of the contents so perfectly match, but not in that annoying "matchy matchy" kind of way.

Image via pink wallpaper



Hi All! I know I've been M.I.A. for the past few days...bad blogger! I've packed my bags and headed to Charlotte this weekend to see the beau. We've had such a great day! Fish tacos for lunch, an outdoor bar to watch football this afternoon (it's in the 70s and not a cloud in the sky!), and now we are snuggled up on the sofa watching football (him) and blogging (me) before dinner tonight. I couldn't ask for a better weekend. Hope yours is just as enjoyable!


Image via JRS Rules


Wish List

Another item on my wish list....this YSL ring. I've wanted it for a long, long time now. I really should just go buy it as I've always had a thing for turquoise AND ysl. The below is also a really great one. I pretty much love all of their gold jewelry, and it's surprisingly reasonable!


Dunton Hot Springs

I have found the most incredible place. No really- I know I'm always saying stuff like that on here, but I really mean it this time. I swear! Ok, so I know I have a fondness for Colorado, probably because we went on so many vacations there as a child, but this luxury resort has been featured in worldwide magazines such as Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, and Tatler, so it's not just me. It's called Dunton Hot Springs and is just across the mountain from Telluride. It's basically a ghost town that a couple bought and restored with all of the original miners cabins uniquely furnished with the owner's finds from around the world. A spa, library, organic award winning dining, and activities that range the gamet from horseback riding to helicopter skiing (you get there via helicopter as well) will keep you busy for days. And even cooler, some cabins have a private hot spring right outside of the door if you don't care to join anyone else in one of the six hot spring spots on the property to choose from. Something else that really seemed to reel me in was that there is an option to rent the entire town for private use for up to 42 people. Can you imagine doing this for a wedding!? Oh and on top of that, did I mention...the entire town is free of cell phone service! Now I know that a lot of people would turn their backs on it now, but being completely unreachable is so freeing. I could go on and on about all of the amenities, but you just need to visit their website on your own to get the full effect. My bags are packed. 


Commune Interior Design

I came across the interior design company, Commune, the other day and absolutely fell in love with their designs. They have a very "California" asthetic which I find to be really refreshing. I have to say, I love more than anything living on the East Coast, but there is something so fascinating to me about the West Coast. I feel like this company perfectly sums up my aesthetic feeling about California. And it is SO cool. 

One of my favorite projects they did was the Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palms Springs (above two images). This looks like such a cool place to hang out. Some of the below are other retail and commercial projects of theirs.

oliver peoples