Wedding Season

It's here yet again...wedding season. Which I always dread because a.) I haven't had time to shed my winter fat and I have to wear a sheer dress of some sort b.) I sure as hell don't have a tan yet c.) I can never really find just the right dress which combines edgy and wedding appropriate, and I feel like I need to dress in sun dresses like all of the other guests (which I'm not so much a fan of). What I really want to wear are these two outfits. They do look a bit more "new years eve" and less "spring, virginal bride", even though I'm not the bride but you catch my drift, yet I can never find anything chic and affordable that has this look. Any ideas kids?

Image 1- Macaroni Club, Image 2- I don't know! If you know, pass it on so I can credit it!


Chop Suey, Anyone?

I recently came across Bruce Weber’s documentary Chop Suey on the sundance channel, and even though I missed the first quarter of it, I became fully immersed in this fascinating film of personalities in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.  I was surprised to learn that this film, for the most part, is pretty obscure and briefly came out in one LA theater and then disappeared. I was a bit curious (and admittedly a little confused) as there is no clear story line, but learned from reading online, the film seems to be have mixed reviews to the few that have seen it for the vanity it displays and Weber's relationship with a young wrestler turned model. The “infatuation” Weber has with this boy, Peter Johnson or “Chop Suey”, as Weber likes to call him is quite evident especially due to the fact that he seemed to pluck the young boy from small town Wisconsin to make him a star. I personally enjoyed it simply for the stunning photography and interesting personalities that Weber anoints his muses (my favorite being Diana Vreeland). In any case, it is a personal scrapbook of an amazing artist and many of the very interesting people he has met along the way.


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! What is everyone up to this weekend? The BF and I are headed to Charleston for a wedding. Should be a good time! On another note, I just love the below letter (and the above picture) of Marilyn Monroe. The note is so sweet, to the point, and very old-fashioned.  What else can you say to a bottle of champagne!


Wish List

It's so unlike me to be jonesing for cold weather clothes when it's finally getting warm outside, but I just love this fur trapper hat and have wanted one all winter long. As I mentioned before, my hair is SUPER short right now and the fur trappers just don't work. I love the way they look with long, wavy hair. 



Most people would say that children's rooms should be bright and colorful. I agree from a health standpoint- it's good for development, mental health, etc. But I tend to sway more towards neutrals and texture for children's rooms. I actually tend to sway more towards neutrals and texture in everything, now that I think about it. Kate Young and Keith Abrahamsson's son's room featured here on the Selby is the perfect example. It's not boring or "unhealthy" looking. It's the perfect mix of a sweet, curious, and wholesome.


The. End.

I just love the fonts on these old movie endings. I have such a love for old movies that they almost seem comforting to me. One of my recent favorites...Splendor in the Grass with Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty. It's such a powerful movie about the ideals of youth and has a great message in the end. Perfect for a rainy day or night!

Images via Lost


Waiting for Summer

I'm ready for summer...you? 

Image via Le Fashion


Gone Clogging

What's the deal with the clogs these days!? They are everywhere! I have to say, I'm not really a fan... until I saw this photo. Now I'm kinda on the bandwagon...

Image via Le Fashion



I absolutely was mesmerized by David Meisel's collection of photographs titled, Oblivion, as soon as I saw them. These aerial photos capture a glimpse of LA that we rarely see. They come across as beautiful yet almost frightening as it shows how small and vulnerable we really are. Maisel describes this series as below: 

"Themes of development as a self-generating, self-replicating force that exists outside of nature are encoded in these photographs, which view Los Angeles as both a specific site and as a more generalized condition. The inversion of tonalities in these works is a simple act that defamiliarizes the images. It also subtly refers to other ways of imaging- like the x-ray, which sees within the structure of an organism or body — or other modes of seeing — like the flickering negative images in an atomic blast, when the shadow world is revealed and released."

For more info click here


Pretty Mommy Shout Out

I am so humbled to tell you guys...the sweetest blog, Pretty Mommy, has mentioned me in their Everyday Obsessions series! I absolutely love this blog and everything that is featured. Check it out here!

Eek! Don't know where I got this image!



So I know that just about everyone and their mom posts about Alexa Chung's style, but I just had to put these two photos up because ..well...I just really like the style of both. And I'm dying for the Chanel bag too...which is probably why I love the pic so much (and because she has my ring on!).


Road Tripper

Well, I'm off to the beach this weekend for road trip number two. We're headed to a sleepy little beach town on the Texas coast for Oysterfest 2010. What could be better than boat rides in 60 degree weather and bloody marys at the yacht club combined with ten great girlfriends?! What are you, dear readers, up to this weekend?

Image via Bloom Love Grow


Lovin' the Look

Image via Jak and Jil

Roll Me Away...With This!

OMG I WANT THIS BAG! It's so hard to find a good travel bag that is pretty AND functional. Leave it to Givenchy. 

Image via Style.com



I absolutely love, love, love the collaboration between supermodel Joni Harbeck and photographer Neil Krug for the Pulp Art Book. I'm such a fan of "vintage", gritty photography, and have always been a fan of American Indian inspired anything. Even more exciting, you can purchase prints on the Pulp website, pulpartbook.com. Enjoy!


Our Little Girl Is Growing Up!

Love this picture of Tavi. Despite all of her travels and experiences, it's a reminder that she is still just a little girl that loves to play dress up (in a VERY lucky way). I always wonder where her path will take her. I guess we just have to stay tuned!