Steven Gambrel

Just loving these interiors by Steven Gambrel. That's all. Enjoy!


Fairfield County

If there is one thing that I love just as much as old Life Magazine pictures from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, is Fairfield County Connecticut. A Continuous Lean posted these the other day of the carefree, endless days of summer in this part of the country. Looking at these makes me truly wish that I had lived in this era, in this area. 


One thing I truly aspire to have one day is not only a beautiful home, but to have a home that looks as if it's a collection of my past and my travels. To fill a home with treasures that reflect a well traveled life, and each piece has thoughtfully been purchased in an exotic market and brought home as a reminder of a special experience. These rooms, in my opinion, reflect that idea.

(And don't ask me why but they all have a tint of blue! Ha!)

Image 1 and 2- Elle Decor, Image 3- Domino, Image 4- The Selby


Mohawks and Feathers

Hello dear readers, I'm so sorry I've been M.I.A. for the past few days! Sometimes...well, sometimes life just takes over. In any case, I was going through my archives this evening and found some interesting images I forgot that I had saved. I've posted a few times in the past about my love and interest in anything inspired by the Native American Indians. It's so interesting to me how they continue to play a part in fashion today. To explain the above pic, I LOVED the show My So-Called Life in middle school (who didn't), therefore I was thrilled when I found this pic of Jared Leto and Claire Danes. And even more fun...I love Jared's (or shall I say, Jordan's) hair! So back to my original point...I promise there is one here...I found these amazing headband/feathered crowns and thought they were quite reminiscent of Jared/Jordan's pic. How fun would these be for an afternoon party? Maybe I'll just have to invite Jordan.

Image 1- Auburn and Ivory, Images 1-3 via The Selby



I LOVE these two images of Kate. Did she mean to channel Bob Dylan? Because she is just exuding that cool style in a perfectly feminine way. I'm over my oxfords and really, really, really want a pair of the below shoes made by Repetto (I believe). How does she always seem to pair EVERY piece together perfectly?!


Wedding Season

It's here yet again...wedding season. Which I always dread because a.) I haven't had time to shed my winter fat and I have to wear a sheer dress of some sort b.) I sure as hell don't have a tan yet c.) I can never really find just the right dress which combines edgy and wedding appropriate, and I feel like I need to dress in sun dresses like all of the other guests (which I'm not so much a fan of). What I really want to wear are these two outfits. They do look a bit more "new years eve" and less "spring, virginal bride", even though I'm not the bride but you catch my drift, yet I can never find anything chic and affordable that has this look. Any ideas kids?

Image 1- Macaroni Club, Image 2- I don't know! If you know, pass it on so I can credit it!


Chop Suey, Anyone?

I recently came across Bruce Weber’s documentary Chop Suey on the sundance channel, and even though I missed the first quarter of it, I became fully immersed in this fascinating film of personalities in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.  I was surprised to learn that this film, for the most part, is pretty obscure and briefly came out in one LA theater and then disappeared. I was a bit curious (and admittedly a little confused) as there is no clear story line, but learned from reading online, the film seems to be have mixed reviews to the few that have seen it for the vanity it displays and Weber's relationship with a young wrestler turned model. The “infatuation” Weber has with this boy, Peter Johnson or “Chop Suey”, as Weber likes to call him is quite evident especially due to the fact that he seemed to pluck the young boy from small town Wisconsin to make him a star. I personally enjoyed it simply for the stunning photography and interesting personalities that Weber anoints his muses (my favorite being Diana Vreeland). In any case, it is a personal scrapbook of an amazing artist and many of the very interesting people he has met along the way.