Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has a beyond fabulous NYE! We have a big group going to a traditional Chinese dinner in no other than....Chinatown! I've actually never been out to eat in Chinatown so I am SO excited! Now if we can only find a cab...

And don't forget to find that NYE kiss:)



Bucket List...The Pollock Krasner House and Study Center

One place I absolutely have to see one day, hopefully this summer, is the Pollock Krasner House and Study Center located near East Hampton. It is the former home of Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, and the house where they built their careers. You can tour the property in the spring and summer and see the actual paint that still coats the floor from Jackson's "drip" technique. I've always been interested in all things art related, but what really turned me onto this specific institution was the movie, Pollock, which I watched Christmas night. For those who haven't seen it, you definitely need to. It is the story of Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner's careers and it was completely enthralled with it. Aside from the interest in the actual story, the acting is incredible also- Marcia Gay Harden won an Oscar for best supporting actress, while Ed Harris was nominated for best actor. 


Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night...



City Lights, Christmas Nights

Christmas Eve! The coziest night of the year. I hope everyone is doing something they love with their loved ones tonight. Here are some images of inspiration!


Fashion Icon... Kate Lanphear

I'm totally obsessed with her style right now. I feel like I've been leaning towards the rocker, edgier look lately. She just looks so cool. And I love the monochromatic look- so Parisian. Not to mention she looks at LOT like Gwyneth. 

Mountain Weekend 2010

I found this mountain home on Marie Claire Maison, and can just see all of my friends bundled in here for a mountain weekend. Or even better NYE...Who's in?


Let It Snow

Ok, so I have to admit, I was soooo excited to leave New York and have a break from the cold, but once I got here....I kind of miss the cold! It really adds to Christmastime more than I had realized! For now I can just look at these pics and think back to the blizzard Saturday night, tromping down the streets at 2:00am, having snow ball fights with Brett and crew. Too much fun!

Images via We Heart It


Shop Til You Drop

Hi my dear readers! I'm in Houston this week for the holidays and today I'm headed to the Galleria for a workout. ..a shopping workout that is. Is it bad for me to splurge on the YSL bag that I've had my eye on? I should be shopping for others too, but it's not bad to buy yourself a little Christmas present is there? :)

Image via JRS Rules



I was extremely fortunate to attend a private screening of Nine tonight...I'm speechless...the style! the sets! the music! the CAR! It was simply amazing. And let me just say, Kate Hudson's number was beyond inspiring and Marion Cotillard takes your breath away. Marion Cotillard as well as Rob Marshall were there for a Q&A afterwards, and you can really see how much dedication and work went into the entire thing. Not to mention how humble and sweet Marion seems to be. I won't give up too many of the spoiler details, but Marion did mention more than once how close the entire cast became and what an amazing experience it was to work on the film. Duh! You absolutely must go see this movie when it comes out Christmas Day!


I spent all day yesterday on the sofa, hungover, eating cheeseburgers from the diner and watching the rain pounding down outside. And even though it was one of those glorious lazy Sundays, I really wish I was here instead....in these pajamas...