Happy Friday!

What are your plans for the weekend dear readers? I'm headed out to my friends Claire and David's country house. I love cozy winter weekends, cuddled up by the fire in big sweaters with a little bit of the below. Hope everyone has a good one!


Images via FlickrJJJound, Coco + Kelly



Really wanting a big fur coat and leather pants these days. Such a glamorous combo.
(no leather here but love the coat! and bag!)

Images via Le Fashion and Jak and Jil


It's Chloe!!!

 Opening Cermemony posted pics of a young Chloe on their site here. How cute is that?! I've always loved her style and was ecstatic when I sat next to her in a dive bar on the Lower East Side about a year ago. And she was dressed AWESOMELY. Below are some of my favorite looks of hers.  Enjoy!


Guess Who!

Guess which one of our favorite, fashionista actresses this is?! I'll give you a hint...Opening Ceremony! Stay tuned for the answer tomorrow!


Cafiero Select

I absolutely LOVE this old house that is on the Cafiero Select web site. If you aren't familiar, Cafiero Select is an interior design company that does incredible work that uses vintage pieces (Chloe Sevigny's apt that pops up here and there on the blogs is the work of CS). They also have an amazing store front that is open "by appointment only" and is where they house all of their incredible finds. I tend to look at their website frequently because I just love all things they find inspiring. This house being one of them! It almost looks haunted and has a hint of Grey Gardens as well. I would love to know they story behind it. 


Beautifully Braided


Too bad I just chopped all, and I mean ALL, of my hair off or I would be doing this (or trying to)!


Pretty Mommy

I aspire to be a mommy like this one day...and for my daughter to have this sense of style, with a little help from mom of course :)

Image via Jak and Jil


Greek Getaway

Time and time again, I come upon this Greek house on Marie Claire Maison, and fall in love with the rustic simplicity of it all over again. It's bare bones way of living makes for such a more interesting and quality vacation (although many would probably disagree with me on this). It gives the feeling of camping, by the ocean, with the house solely providing shelter and it's patrons providing the color. The translation I received from Babel Fish wasn't too good, but the one phrase I did get which summed it up completely, was that being here is "to live as much outside as inside". Sign. Me. Up. 


Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone is with someone they love today...boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, brother, sister...this holiday is about spending it with those who hold a special place in your heart. 

You know who you are

Images via Le Love


A Single Man

So I finally saw a Single Man last night and I have to say, the actual story didn't interest me much, but the style of it was incredible. Even the movie poster...the color palette, the font, the attire of both actors, for some reason, I just love it. How amazing does Julianne Moore look? I wish I had been alive in 1963...


I Heart Parisian Children

I saw these two pics on A Cup of Joe today and absolutely love them. These children are at a Parisian puppet theatre in 1963. The bottom shot is the moment that St. George slays the dragon. I just love their faces full of innocence and wonder. It doesn't get any better than that. 



Because it's the dead of winter and about this time every year, the itch for that warm-weather vacation comes creeping in, I thought I'd give us that little visual getaway that is desperately needed. These come from the photo archives of Lonny Mag which can be found on Lonnyphoto.com and are also available to purchase on the creators of Lonny's Etsy sites. I can smell the salt in the air now...