My Winter Uniform

I'm always trying to emulate this look but somehow it never comes out this chic for me. The black skinny pants, the chunky gold watch, the oversized blazer, the big scarf....effortless style. I pretty much have a "uniform" in the winter for my Friday and Saturday nights out and this look is what it aspires to be! It's also from one of my new favorite blogs...Childhood Flames. Check it out here


emma wallace said...

It is so chic and glamorous! Love the big scarf.


the NEO-traditionalist said...

Love this look. Especially the chunky watch. My best friend from boarding school rocks this massive vintage mens rolex and it kills me---I would just look silly and yet she always looks so hopelessly cool. Love.
XX Kate

Apt. #34 said...

mmm, mmm, good!