Chop Suey, Anyone?

I recently came across Bruce Weber’s documentary Chop Suey on the sundance channel, and even though I missed the first quarter of it, I became fully immersed in this fascinating film of personalities in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.  I was surprised to learn that this film, for the most part, is pretty obscure and briefly came out in one LA theater and then disappeared. I was a bit curious (and admittedly a little confused) as there is no clear story line, but learned from reading online, the film seems to be have mixed reviews to the few that have seen it for the vanity it displays and Weber's relationship with a young wrestler turned model. The “infatuation” Weber has with this boy, Peter Johnson or “Chop Suey”, as Weber likes to call him is quite evident especially due to the fact that he seemed to pluck the young boy from small town Wisconsin to make him a star. I personally enjoyed it simply for the stunning photography and interesting personalities that Weber anoints his muses (my favorite being Diana Vreeland). In any case, it is a personal scrapbook of an amazing artist and many of the very interesting people he has met along the way.

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How intriguing!