With the summer winding down, I thought I'd post images of this 
incredibly quaint and relaxed house to keep us in the mood a little 
while longer. I took these photos off of the Domino (RIP) website while 
it was still up, and it remains probably my favorite "away" home 
I've ever seen. So creative with the bar set up outside, and nautical 
pictures hanging on the side of the house. And the simplicity of 
the living room is perfect. Love the texture of the mantel and fireplace 
against the pale pallette. I have torn through all of my Domino's 
looking for the article on it. If anyone knows where this house is 
located or the story behind it please let me know!


vintage simple said...

Photos 2-5 are actually of Matt Albiani's 600-square-foot apartment in the West Village. The others are images of the little beach cottage he rents during the summers, "at the tip of Long Island." You can find the article in the June/July 2008 Domino magazine - it has Katie Lee Joel (soon to be ex-Joel, I guess?) on the cover. Hope that helps!


plaisirs simples said...

thank you so much Maria!!!!