The September Issue

I saw The September Issue  this weekend and absolutely love, love, loved it! You all must go see it! I have to say, even though Anna tends to be a little icy...I kind of have a weird appreciation for it. She is who she is and just wants to get the job done. And the surprise star of the documentary...Grace Coddington, Vogue's creative director, who is hilarious! I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but this film was beyond entertaining!

Found this picture of Anna's office which is gorgeous. How nice to be surrounded by beautiful things all day, every day (unlike the rest of us in our cubicles)!

A young Anna (accessorizing with a super cool necklace)

On another note...

Another fashion documentary that came out this year that is equally as good is Valentino: The Last Emperor. You can view the trailer here. I saw it at the Film Forum and afterwards was lucky to hear the Q&A with the film's producer Matt Tyrnauer and Andre Leon Talley. Matt gave such interesting insight into Valentino's dynamic world. Apparently he has an uncut version that is 8 hours long. If anyone knows how to get ahold of it....let me know!


I can't help but continue to post summery images just a little longer. The weather is already starting to cool off here in New York, and even though fall is my favorite season, there is just something about summer. And once it's gone....it's gone. Thought this idea of painted stairs would be a perfect for a rustic beach house...just had to share it! 

Image via Mary Ruffle 


Jorie Butler Kent....the Good Life Continued

Looking for photos on the below post got me interested in Jorie Butler Kent (hence the car) and her impressive work and life. Kent is part owner of Abercrombie and Kent, the modern luxury safari company, and spends several months every year traveling to outlying areas of the world, seeking out new locations for the company's destinations and tours (talk about a dream job!). Through this work she has created the Abercrombie and Kent Philanthropy which supports wildlife and community conservation, and as an avid photographer, established her own commercial slide bank, International Geographic Images (IGI), located within the offices of DHI, an award-winning commercial graphic design firm Jorie founded in 1983. I deeply admire her passion for travel and work she has accomplished through this. Browsing the A&K website, I started to get the travel itch and found the below incredible destinations I wish to one day experience:


Twelve awesomely decorated, permanent tents consist of Camp Kusini located in the Serengeti. How amazing to spend the day viewing the most amazing wildlife on a walking excursion or game drive (I think I would prefer the drive), and finish up with cocktails at camp to watch the sun go down. Tres Out of Africa....


The ultimate in relaxation, the Six Sense Hideway on the island of Koh Yao Noi, Thailand seems to suggest that Swiss Family Robinson adventure that was always so cool. Essentially outdoors, each private villa basically allows you to sleep and bathe in a tree house, all with amazing views of the ocean. 


With its lavander fields and olive groves, Provence is the region that inspired many artists including Cezanne, Van Gogh, Chagall and Giono. This boutique hotel is set in Avingon and provides you with the utmost tranquility and relaxation. And when you've had enough of the wine and cheese tastings,  the location is close enough to the cote d'azur that you can jet down to the beach!


The Good Life

No one captures the good life better than Slim Aarons. 

I've always been drawn to his photos not only because the subjects are so 
intriguing, but also because of the style in which they are shot. There is 
something about how they are merely going on with their normal lives 
and fabulousness, not a care in the world. I was happy to learn just 
recently that he never used a stylist or makeup artist which makes 
his photography that much more appealing. Aarons once said while he 
was in the US Army, the only thing combat taught him was that the 
only beach worth landing on was "decorated with beautiful, seminude 
girls tanning in a tranquil sun." After looking at his photographs you 
know he really meant it. 



With the summer winding down, I thought I'd post images of this 
incredibly quaint and relaxed house to keep us in the mood a little 
while longer. I took these photos off of the Domino (RIP) website while 
it was still up, and it remains probably my favorite "away" home 
I've ever seen. So creative with the bar set up outside, and nautical 
pictures hanging on the side of the house. And the simplicity of 
the living room is perfect. Love the texture of the mantel and fireplace 
against the pale pallette. I have torn through all of my Domino's 
looking for the article on it. If anyone knows where this house is 
located or the story behind it please let me know!


Happy Friday!

I'm headed to DC this weekend with my lovely friend Betsy to stay at her 
parents adorable Georgetown townhouse. The last time I was in DC it was 
miserably cold so I am more than excited to walk around and see all of the 
beautiful old homes, go to museums, have drinks by the river, and 
whatever our hearts fancy.
Hope you all have a fun filled weekend as well! 

Image by Max Wanger

Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Loving the exterior  of this mega-spacious, Argentina country home of 
Paula Cahen D'Anvers and Federico Alvarez Castillo, who own the 
boutique Etiqueta Negra in Buenos Aires and as of recently SoHo. The 
greenery climbing the walls of the house and pool house give it the 
perfect relaxed touch that makes you want to sit out by the pool all day, 
and stroll the grounds in the evening. What a perfect place to jaunt off 
to with a group of friends!

Photos by Ricardo Labougle for World of Interiors



This summer was the 10th anniversary of John F. Kennedy Jr and Carolyn 
Bessette Kennedy's deaths, and while there has been a ton of press on it 
already, I can't help but have my own posting of it. Whenever I think of 
great style, I always think of Carolyn's quirky yet classic taste and wish 
that I could replicate it in the same effortless way. And who can forget the 
wedding gown (...love the bouquet too). She was the epitome of 
effortless chic and will forever be missed.