Steven Gambrel

Just loving these interiors by Steven Gambrel. That's all. Enjoy!


Fairfield County

If there is one thing that I love just as much as old Life Magazine pictures from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, is Fairfield County Connecticut. A Continuous Lean posted these the other day of the carefree, endless days of summer in this part of the country. Looking at these makes me truly wish that I had lived in this era, in this area. 


One thing I truly aspire to have one day is not only a beautiful home, but to have a home that looks as if it's a collection of my past and my travels. To fill a home with treasures that reflect a well traveled life, and each piece has thoughtfully been purchased in an exotic market and brought home as a reminder of a special experience. These rooms, in my opinion, reflect that idea.

(And don't ask me why but they all have a tint of blue! Ha!)

Image 1 and 2- Elle Decor, Image 3- Domino, Image 4- The Selby


Mohawks and Feathers

Hello dear readers, I'm so sorry I've been M.I.A. for the past few days! Sometimes...well, sometimes life just takes over. In any case, I was going through my archives this evening and found some interesting images I forgot that I had saved. I've posted a few times in the past about my love and interest in anything inspired by the Native American Indians. It's so interesting to me how they continue to play a part in fashion today. To explain the above pic, I LOVED the show My So-Called Life in middle school (who didn't), therefore I was thrilled when I found this pic of Jared Leto and Claire Danes. And even more fun...I love Jared's (or shall I say, Jordan's) hair! So back to my original point...I promise there is one here...I found these amazing headband/feathered crowns and thought they were quite reminiscent of Jared/Jordan's pic. How fun would these be for an afternoon party? Maybe I'll just have to invite Jordan.

Image 1- Auburn and Ivory, Images 1-3 via The Selby



I LOVE these two images of Kate. Did she mean to channel Bob Dylan? Because she is just exuding that cool style in a perfectly feminine way. I'm over my oxfords and really, really, really want a pair of the below shoes made by Repetto (I believe). How does she always seem to pair EVERY piece together perfectly?!