Let It Snow

Ok, so I have to admit, I was soooo excited to leave New York and have a break from the cold, but once I got here....I kind of miss the cold! It really adds to Christmastime more than I had realized! For now I can just look at these pics and think back to the blizzard Saturday night, tromping down the streets at 2:00am, having snow ball fights with Brett and crew. Too much fun!

Images via We Heart It

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the NEO-traditionalist said...

I'm with you! Now that I've been living in Switzerland/back east for a the past 4 Christmases, I can't imagine not having snow. Of course my family in California thinks otherwise... They'll probably be at the beach---ridiculous. Hope you're having fun in Texas!
XX Kate
P.S. Donald Drapper fan club, right here. Hah!