I was extremely fortunate to attend a private screening of Nine tonight...I'm speechless...the style! the sets! the music! the CAR! It was simply amazing. And let me just say, Kate Hudson's number was beyond inspiring and Marion Cotillard takes your breath away. Marion Cotillard as well as Rob Marshall were there for a Q&A afterwards, and you can really see how much dedication and work went into the entire thing. Not to mention how humble and sweet Marion seems to be. I won't give up too many of the spoiler details, but Marion did mention more than once how close the entire cast became and what an amazing experience it was to work on the film. Duh! You absolutely must go see this movie when it comes out Christmas Day!

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the NEO-traditionalist said...

Ohhh can't wait! Lucky you. I have a serious girl crush on every actress in it---Christmas can't come soon enough!
XX Kate