Diana F+

This past weekend I got a Diana F+ camera and can barely wait to start taking pictures! Just a couple months ago I went home to Texas and found some really cool vintage-looking pictures of my parents and grandparents, and wondered if there was a way to get the 'vintage' look now that Polaroid is gone (RIP). Well below and behold...the Diana F+. Diana cameras were actually mass produced in the 1960s, but eventually discontinued as better quality cameras became affordable. Luckily, a cult following has emerged for this type of photography, enough so, that the Lomography Institute has tweaked and started reproducing the camera. What's fun about it is there are so many different styles and effects you can get by trying different techniques. Here are some cool images I found of pictures taken with Dianas. I think my favorite style is the cross processed look (above). If anyone has any tips or suggestions, they are more than welcomed!

Love the dark corners and sharp colors of the above photograph. I hope I can take some this good. Stay tuned!

Image 5- RC/Grab Bag , Image 7- L Squared Photography , Image 12- Backstage at the Miss Sixty fashion show via Ruprecht Studios , Image 12- Culture in the City, All other images- lomography.com 


Diana said...

Isn't that just fitting that the "Diana" camera takes such beatiful photos?! Haha...no, I actually really love the way the pictures turn out! Love you Er -D

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found your site on google and I love your pictures! I'm hesitating to by a Diana F+, but I was wondering if it's difficult to develop the pictures? You can't do that with a computer, right?