Feathers Galore

This past weekend, after watching Dances with Wolves on TV, I found myself drawn to Native American costume and its influence on fashion today. Feathers on clothing/jewelry/hairpieces have been popular for a few years now, and I think it is one of the most beautiful ways to make a garment more interesting. Apparently the Native Americans did too, although theirs were more symbolic and less about aesthetic. I found these images on the amazing blog, Macaroni Club, and like myself, the writer seems to have a certain fondness for this type of dress as well. Here are some images to enjoy and inspire!

I'm not a huge Drew Barrymore fan, but love this pic! She is at Bonnaroo here. 


Anonymous said...

aw! you are too sweet - thanks for your note! i have not been able to blog in forEVer! :( i am a flutist and i have auditions for grad school coming up in a few weeks and have been practicing for hours a day... you have inspired me to start posting again, though! i'll do it today in fact! can't wait to check out your blog too, haven't been here before but simple pleasures are high on my list so i'm sure i will love what you have here!

the NEO-traditionalist said...

Oh feathers galore. Love it. My fiancee is an eighth Cherokee and whenever I see something like this I tell him "his people" are such trendsetters. It's true!
XX Kate

Make it Easy said...

ooh yes i like that photo of drew barrymore! she looks good in there. nice blog you have, pretty!