Une Immense Cuisine

Second part of our little series here...the kitchen. To be honest with you, I have more fun with bedrooms and bathrooms but I feel like the heart and sole of family time somehow always ends up in the kitchen. So it is a very important room. While big, fancy, industrial kitchens seem to be the fashion these days, I find myself really drawn to rustic kitchens with vintage appliances. This is probably because I'm an aspiring cook. Aspiring meaning I have no clue how but hope to learn one day...soon. Enjoy!

Image 1- Bliss , Image 2- pink wallpaper , Image 3- Martha Stewart , Image 4- Vintage Simple , Image 5- Domino, Image 6- Marie Claire Maison , Image 7- JRS Rules , Image 8- Marie Claire Maison , Image 9- Things That Inspire , Image 10- Marie Claire Maison , Image 11- Marie Claire Maison 


Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh I agree, rustic for me too. Just has more character and charm I think.

The third last one is nice.

Thank you for your comment, so cool of you to drop by and leave a note.

the NEO-traditionalist said...

Just added 80% of these to my "kitchen" archives. The other 20%, I already had. Style mates. Yessss.
XX Kate
P.S. Thanks for weighing in the bridal bouquets. Is it weird that I seriously trust your opinion??

Anonymous said...

how cool is the pink kitchen? rustic for sure is attractive as kitchens go. i always think of provence when i think of kitchens. i see you speak a little french? i agree kitchens are good for family time, but not for guests, a mon avis...