Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Such a fun holiday! I'm so excited about my Amelia Earhart costume I can barely stand it! I hope you all have a great night at a fabulous party or at home passing out sugar highs to all of the little ones!

Images via Simply Seductive


All I've been able to think about for the past few days has been sleep. Doesn't the above room look heavenly to sleep in? I think it must the lighting because my eyes are getting heavy just looking at it. I've heard that blues and purples are best for the bedroom because it's calming, but I'm thinking beige might do the trick for me as the below for some reason looks soothing also. At least it's the weekend!


Fall Foliage Drive

So I completely forgot to update you all on my weekend! I actually drafted this post Sunday night and accidentally posted about my dressing rooms! (Probably because I was so excited about it!) Last week was crazy busy, but it ended to a great New England weekend! I had family in town and we rented a car and drove up to Connecticut on Saturday for a little fall foliage drive which was absolutely stunning. We went antique shopping in New Canaan and then onto Rowayton/Darien for a late lunch of lobster and oysters at Rowayton Seafood! So so yummy! Texas doesn't have much of a fall so I am really drawn to all things of this season. I saw the below on All This Happiness one day and I thought it really just hit the nail on the head when it comes to thinking of things that represent the month of October:

Knee Socks
Cider Donuts
Apple Orchards
Cold Noses
Hot Chocolate
Being Creepy

Hope everyone has a happy week!


I just can't seem to get enough of Elle Decor these days! Last night I attended their Women In Design event which was so incredibly interesting! Holly Hunt, Charlotte Moss, Michelle Nussbaumer, and Kelly Werstler, four extremely influential interior designers of our time, participated in a panel discussion moderated by Margaret Russell. Each of these women are so incredibly talented and were so interesting in their own particular ways. They all clearly had very different and distinct personalities and it's interesting to see how it's reflected in their work. I thought Holly Hunt had a very decisive way about her (which I guess as an interior designer you have to have) and Charlotte Moss was just a complete firecracker which I loved!  If any of you ever get the chance to meet/work/hear any of them speak, I highly recommend it! Below are some of their interiors.

Kelly Wearstler (and above)

Kelly Wearstler

Charlotte Moss

Charlotte Moss

Holly Hunt

Holly Hunt

Holly Hunt

Michelle Nussbaumer

Michelle Nussbaumer

Michelle Nussbaumer


Part IV...The Dressing Room

I'd love to say that this is a very important room for every woman but the truth is...most of us don't have one. The dressing room is one that only the fortunate seem to have. And I hope to have one someday:). The above and below are the same dressing room (Jenna Lyons') with a few different pieces mixed in. I can't decide which one I like better. What do you think?

I think we all know this one!

I've noticed lots of people are starting to cabinets to store their shoes. I love it! They should be beind glass anyways!


I'm Sorry...

Hello dear readers! I know I have left you high and dry for the past few days, I've just been terribly busy with work and "after work" activities. I hope to get a little caught up this weekend, but for now I wanted to leave you with these awesome images from Eylul Aslan's images on flickr. It's really amazing you all should check it out. Enjoy!


Creative Cocktail Spaces

I think if I owned a bar it would look much like this. Very simple, neutral color palette; cocktails listed on a chalk board…in my handwriting. And at night lit up by tons and tons and tons of candles in simple glass candle holders. Ok, who wants to finance me?

Image via Jrs Rules 


I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane II

Second wedding of the month tonight. This one is in Mount Airy, NC, better known as...Mayberry! How cute is that? Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

Image by Max Wanger


Style Icon... Clemence Poesy

What is it about the French? How do they do it? I mean, the effortlessness of their look...it's beyond amazing! My current obsession...Clemence Poesy. I think she is one person who pretty much solely defines, in my opinion, at the moment, the greatest style. Gotta love that messy hair look too. 


Happy Valentine's Day...in a Tub

Yesterday, after looking at all of the amazing bathtubs I seem to like so much, my mind kept going back to the above image I saw in Julie and Julia over the summer. I'm sure the majority of you saw the movie, but I just had to share this Valentine's Day card that Julia Child and her husband made in 1956. It's so great I want to recreate the same one!


Part Three...Bathrooms

Part three of our little series...bathrooms. I don't even necessarily notice this when I save bathroom images, but I realized after drafting this post...almost every single one of these has a stand alone bathtub. I'm obsessed and I didn't even realize it! Candles, wine and one of these bathtubs sounds like the perfect end to a long day. Too bad I live in a New York City apartment! I am NOT getting into that thing!

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