The Art of Handwriting

I've always had a love for the art of calligraphy so much that I really wish I could do it for a living. Before I started college my goal was to major in graphic design, (however, I switched to business early on in search of a more "stable" degree) but invitations/lettering have remained a huge interest of mine. I found these beautiful calligraphers, Tara Jones and Betsy Dunlap, after looking for wedding inspiration for a friend. Ok, maybe I just like looking at wedding stuff...shh... Tara's style is a bit more traditional while Betsy's has more of a quirky flair. Both of them, however, have absolutely beautiful designs. Which style do you prefer? 

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Splendid Willow said...

Oh how lovely! I can't draw to save my life - so to me this is out of the world great! A favorite? Hard to say... For some reason I am really attracted to no. 6 and 7. (the light blue and the pink one). Both simple elegant and traditional and modern at the same time and maybe more easy to read? But I find them all very, very nice. What a great friend your are to be doing all this scouting!

Happy week! OX Monika

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