Never buy a full size bed. If you live in a tiny studio in New York like me, I know you need all the room you can get. But here's my dilemma...I cannot find any beautiful sheets made for full size beds! My bedding is a very simple, plain white quilt, and then my plan was to find really cool vintage or exotic prints to mix and match underneath the quilt. So it's kind of unexpected after under this stark white bed. If anyone out there has any ideas...shoot them my way! Until then...here's the look I hope to go for...

My two of my favorite designers for bedding and furniture...John Robshaw and Les Indiennes


the NEO-traditionalist said...

Ohhh you can't go wrong with Robshaw! When I lived in the city I also had a full-sized bed so I got by with simple white linens and a faux fur throw from Williams Sonoma (in the wintertime). Luckily, my fiance has a queen though so I snatched up a complete set of Robshaw at the NYC sample sale before I moved south. Good luck in your search!
XX Kate

carolina postcard said...

Ohh… I love the two companies you suggested. We just upgraded to a king bed (since my husband is 6'4" and insisted our queen was tiny) and I'm on the hunt for new bedding. I bought this wild quilt at anthropologie that was on sale and have been looking for sheets and pillows to compliment. Thanks for the tips though and best of luck with yours too!