Commune Interior Design

I came across the interior design company, Commune, the other day and absolutely fell in love with their designs. They have a very "California" asthetic which I find to be really refreshing. I have to say, I love more than anything living on the East Coast, but there is something so fascinating to me about the West Coast. I feel like this company perfectly sums up my aesthetic feeling about California. And it is SO cool. 

One of my favorite projects they did was the Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palms Springs (above two images). This looks like such a cool place to hang out. Some of the below are other retail and commercial projects of theirs.

oliver peoples

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the NEO-traditionalist said...

Oh thank you for the intro to such a great company. How have I not seen their stuff? Such a laid-back elegant-gone-cool vibe. They are very "California" indeed. Awww shucks, now I miss home...
XX Kate